What I can do

Certified Email Testing

I use Litmus to test all my code, and I can test your code too! I’ll provide you a link to the renderings of your code in all major email clients. After testing, I can make suggestions on how to fix any issues or fix them for you.

Litmus Certified Email Designer Badgge

Responsive HTML Email Development

I build all emails using the fluid/hybrid technique to ensure they render the best they can in all major email clients. I can work with your existing code or build from scratch. All code is tested with Litmus and a link to the results is included on delivery.

Template Creation

I build templates that can be easily modified by anyone. My detailed code notes help guide you when you need to edit the code directly. I can also code your template to work with your email service provider’s drag-and-drop editor, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) a.k.a ExactTarget, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and Sailthru.

Email Development Consulting

Need help determining the best approach for your email needs? I can assess your requirements and make recommendations tailored to your unique position.

Email Code Review

If you have code that doesn’t seem to work anymore, I can help. I’m always in sync with the rapidly changing email world. I can quickly locate the issue and resolve it.

Email Code Optimization

Is your email clipping in Gmail or slow to load? I can optimize your code so that it is lighter and faster.

Outlook Troubleshooting

Outlook causes headaches. I can help! I can locate your Outlook issue and resolve it without affecting your existing code.n delivery.

Testing is an essential part of the coding process. I test my code in 80 major email clients and devices and provide you with screen shots of how the email will render in each one.

 Apple Mail 13

 Apple Mail 13 Dark Mode

 Apple Mail 14

 Apple Mail 14 Dark Mode

 Apple Mail 15

 Apple Mail 15 Dark Mode

 Outlook 2007 (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2010 (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2013 (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2016 (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2019 (Windows 10)

 Outlook Office 365 (Windows 10)

 Outlook Office 365 Dark Mode (Windows 10)

 Outlook Office 365 Dark Mode (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2021 (Windows 10)

 Outlook 2021 Dark Mode (Windows 10)

 Windows 10 Mail (Windows 10)

 Windows 10 Mail Dark Mode (Windows 10)

 Windows 11 Mail (Windows 10)

 Windows 11 Mail Dark Mode (Windows 10)

 Outlook Android 11.0

 Outlook Android 11.0 Dark Mode

 Outlook iOS 14.

 Android 5.1*

 Android 6.0*

 Samsung Mail Android 6.0

 Samsung Mail Android 7.0

 Gmail App Android 6.0

 Gmail App Android 7.1

 Gmail App Android 8.0

 Gmail App Android 9.0

 Gmail App Android 10.0

 Gmail App Android 10.0 Dark Mode

 Gmail App Android 11.0

 Gmail App Android 11.0 Dark Mode

 Gmail App iOS 14.2

 Gmail App iOS 14.2 Dark Mode

 iPhone 8

 iPhone 8 Plus

 iPhone XS

 iPhone XS Max

 iPhone XR

 iPhone 11 iOS 13.1

 iPhone 11 Pro

 iPhone 11 Pro Dark Mode

 iPhone 11 Pro Max

 iPhone 11 iOS 14,2

 iPhone 11 Dark Mode

 iPhone 12

 iPhone 12 Dark Mode

 iPhone 12 mini

 iPhone 12 Mini Dark Mode

 iPhone 12 Pro Max

 iPhone 12 Pro Max Dark Mode

 iPhone 13

 iPhone 13 Dark Mode

 iPhone 13 Pro Max

 iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark Mode

 iPad (Retina)

 iPad (Gen 7)

 iPad Pro (11 inch)

 iPad Mini

 iPad Mini Dar Mode

 AOL (Chrome)

 AOL (Firefox)

 AOL (Edge)

 Gmail (Chrome)

 Gmail (Firefox)

 Gmail (Edge)

 Office 365 (Chrome)

 Office 365 (Firefox)

 Office 365 (Explorer) (Chrome) (Firefox) (Edge) Dark Mode (Chrome) Dark Mode (Firefox)

 Yahoo! Mail (Chrome)

 Yahoo! Mail (Firefox)

 Yahoo! Mail (Edge)

* Every Android client since 5.0 had Gmail app installed as the default email client. Samsung phones prior to 5.0 had an edited version of the native Android mail app. Since this replacement, the Android 5.1 and 6.0 native mail app’s market share has registered too low to have significant value. While I still test in these email clients, I do not consider their results of high importance. However, if you know that your audience still uses these email clients, I can code your email so that it renders well in them.

For an additional fee, code can be written and tested for Outlooks 2000, 2002, 2003, iPhone SE, iPhone SE (Gen 2).

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