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“Everyone deserves a well-coded email rendering, regardless of their chosen email client.”


Let me take you back to 2010 when I, Anne Tomlin — founder, owner, and sole freelance operator of Emails Y’all — was asked to code my first email. I was a web developer who loved a challenge. And was it ever challenging! But something clicked in my brain as I coded: “It’s a series of boxes!” That first email performed gloriously, and a new enthusiastic email developer sprang into existence

Since that time, I’ve been dedicated to helping advance email coding practices and standards. I take my calling very seriously. The notion that people who use email clients that are less sophisticated deserve a crappy experience is wrong and those people shouldn’t be abandoned. I don’t think that’s okay. It’s not okay for me as a developer, and it’s not okay for you as a emailer. We need to work together to meet people where they are now, and if that means I have to add more code to make an email look good in Outlook, then damn it, I’m gonna add that code! Every email client has limitations, but my job as a developer is to work within those limitations to produce an email that looks the best it can to deliver its message.

How I can help you

Maybe your all-image emails aren’t converting like they used to. Maybe you’re seeing a drop-off in mobile conversions because your code isn’t responsive. Maybe Outlook just isn’t doing what you want it to do. Or maybe you just can’t keep up with the demand for your emails! Whatever your reason for seeking to improve your email code, I can help. I’m always on top of new trends, methods, and bug fixes in the email world, so you can trust my code to always be current. I have the knowledge and resources to make your email pop.

What you can expect

Once you contact me, we’ll set up an introductory call to flesh out what kind of project you have. The most common request I get is to take a PSD, AI, or Sketch file and code it into an email that looks great in all clients. If you know the email client makeup of your audience, I can suggest some coding techniques that may enhance your subscriber experience. We then agree on a due date, and I begin coding. When production is complete, I will send you a ZIP file containing the HTML document and optimized images, as well as a link to screenshots of how your email will look in all major email clients.

The process is the same for an email template. If you need a modular system, I will need access to your email service provider platform so that I may set up the modules and create the first couple of emails.


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